Universities Allied for Essential Medicines


Join UAEM for a discussion and screening of the documentary film:
“Pills Profits Protest”
Thursday, October 20th @ 7pm, Med Student Lounge, 3rd Floor, MET Building
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Many of the world’s most important medicines and public health devices are wholly or partly developed in academic laboratories. Their accessibility to those living in poor nations is profoundly affected by the research, licensing and patenting decisions made by universities.

As members of these institutions of higher learning, we believe that universities have an opportunity and a responsibility to improve global access to public health goods–particularly those they have helped develop.

UC San Diego plays a significant role in the drug development pipeline, and as students we can ensure that the university fulfills its mission to create and disseminate knowledge for the welfare of all mankind, not just for those who are lucky enough to afford it.

To join UAEM@ucsd email us at UAEMucsd(at)gmail(dot)com .