Universities Allied for Essential Medicines



6th, 11am-3pm: UAEM Info Booth on Library Walk for Fall Festival on the Green

13th, 6:00pm: General UAEM Meeting, GSA Lounge in 1st floor of Old Student Center across from Porter’s Pub

20th, 7:00pm: Screening and Discussion of “Pills, Profits, Protest: Chronicle of the Global AIDS Movement”; hosted by UAEM, location: Med Student Lounge, 3rd floor, new Medical Education and Telemedicine (MET) building

27th, 6:00pm: General UAEM Meeting, GSA Lounge

29-30th: UAEM International Conference!, Johns Hopkins University and University of Maryland – Baltimore, learn more here


6th, 10am-4pm: UAEM UC Regional Summit, hosted by UC San Francisco

1oth, 6:00pm: General UAEM Meeting, GSA Lounge

19-20th: “Socially Responsible Licensing:  Achieving Social Equity through Voluntary Licensing” Conference, University of Warwick, United Kingdom


1st: WORLD AIDS DAY, click here for list of UCSD events

  • 12:30pm: Presentation on Access to Antiretroviral Medicines in the Developing World, by Taylor Gilliland, Comunidad Room in the Cross Cultural Center (Price Center East)

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